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Aside from the flowers, letterpressing was my second favorite DIY project. Photopolymer plates have a light-sensitive surface on either plastic backing or metal backing. However, you can buy pressboard at any local office supply store – they use it to make heavy duty folders, and it usually is either mint green colour, or dark red. The plate for the invites and thank-you notes, which was larger cost $75 with shipping. I am so happy. Work your ink out with the brayer on the ink base. Those options can produce beautiful pieces, but I love having options and have a hard time spending money on a design I will only use once or twice. We Had A $250 Zoom Wedding In Our Kitchen, Our $5K Curbside Elopement in Downtown Austin, Our $9K Casual Backyard Wedding in Pennsylvania. Take the printing board out, take the packing off, and carefully flip the paper off the printing plate so you don’t smudge the ink, et voila! I worked with the extraordinarily helpful people of Elum Designs. 5. Look! First, set yourself up for printing by acquiring a surface on which to roll out the … Essentially, a roller spreads the ink out evenly over your type so you are ready to make an impression. Stick the plate down to your sliding board by exposing the adhesive that comes attached to your plate. The nice thing about these plates is they are built with the same relief size (0.047”) as the plates that come standard to the letterpress … In most studios, type is organized in drawers, letter by letter. ***. Your printing sandwich should look like this from the bottom up: sliding board, plate, ink, paper, packing. So don’t despair if you’ve never done this before! Invites & Stationery. You’re ready to press! Letterpress ink is very thick and tacky. To do this buy the thin pre-cut molding from a DIY/home store and again cut this mitring the corners. We’re trying to simplify the process by offering set sizes to make the ordering process easy! These affiliate advertising programs are designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to, and their affiliated sites as well other digital retailers. But he loves making things and he loves working with his hands, so he ended up getting as excited about letterpress as I did. (It helps if you let them use the big press. (I used 100% cotton Crane Lettra 300gsm paper and envelopes, in Pearl. I would leave the studio with my feet aching, my fingertips dry, gritty, and splotched, but feeling like I had accomplished something superb. Printing ink is STICKY. Printers use glass because it gives a nice flat even surface,  I used the other half of the plexiglass sheet that I used as a sliding board because I had some lying around. Position paper. The plate I ordered was a photopolymer deep relief plate (nicer for hand-presses because it makes it a little easier to get a deep impression, and added bonus:  it is harder to get ink in the void areas of your plate where you don’t want it.) If not authorized to print at Spudnik Press, contact staff prior to registering. ... but a solid metal plate that was created from an electronic template. This took me. Presses are all different. Inking the press. I am obsessed with the lantern hanging in the portico, as well as the grate in the transom above the main door:  thus the design for both the save the date and invitation, plus thank you notes. When I printed the invitations I mixed in an ink extender, and it worked MUCH better. Most any paper will work, but if you really want that deep inverse-braille run-your-hands-along-it impression, I would recommend something thicker. Use common sense – don’t break your press. Letterpress prints tend to have a very tactile quality, with a … When I was a kid, I would go to the bookstore and spend my allowance on nice journals even though I rarely wrote in them. From shop LeatherByLacy. (These book arts departments may also offer classes in book binding. HINT: wedding albums!) Again, all presses are different, but essentially, you place your paper onto the press and it will make the impression on the paper. How Do We Manage The Ever-Changing Guest List For Our 2021 Wedding? If you already think I’m nutzo, you probably don’t want to attempt any of the following. Crank the press. So instead, I’m just going to give you the gist of the process and several pointers and takeaways: Please read our comment policy before you comment. I suspect that you would be able to, since the Adaptor Kit (which is sold separately from the Fuse) contains several plates that can be combined to fit other brands of dies, embossing folders and probably letterpress plates too. ... With my brayer loaded with ink, I very lightly rolled it over my letterpress plate. Welcome to Letterpress Plates by Elum, a photopolymer plating and film output service for commercial printers, designers, and closet letterpress tinker-ers everywhere. I tried to measure the board to find out where the center of the press was coming down, and put it there. Please refresh and try again. 95. Intaglio plates have the positive image etched into them which creates reservoirs that hold the ink and are transfered to the paper. Option 1 (full sheet): 8.5 x 11 – $40. Learning About DIY Letterpress Letterpress makes me swoon! I started resigning myself to Kinko’s when somehow, I learned that my school, Dartmouth College, had its own letterpress studio in the basement of the library. This is easily the quickest part of the process; it only takes a few seconds to make one impression. With the Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress it's easy to create professional looking cards that make fabulous gifts. One of the upsides of the goopiness of the ink is that it doesn’t transfer onto anything that touches it unless you encourage it to, so you can actually lay the paper on top and take it off again, and {may} not have any ink transfer to the paper unless you pressed it in between. I used my leftover paper, which ran through my printer (rear feed tray) beautifully, to print the RSVP and hotel enclosures – I only letterpressed the save the date cards, the invites, and the thank you cards. Minus the insanity, plus the marriage. These Embellished Veils Are My Favorite DIY Project Of All Time, How to Make A Killer Denim Jacket For Your Wedding, What To Include In A Wedding Website To Make It Actually Useful, Meg’s Guide To Professional Survival in 2020, How The Pandemic Is Changing My Professional Life (And What I’m Doing To Survive). On top of the paper, lay your pressboard folder, or mat-board, or whatever hard-but-thin material you are using as packing. The most common letterpress plates material is metal. Make sure you plan ahead, work out what message you want to send with your card, and invest in the design and production processes to ensure your first business impression is a lasting one. 2. I immediately knew that was what I wanted, but I felt ashamed when the indie wedding world accused, “Why would you spend so much money on something that people will just throw away?” I didn’t have a suitable answer for them, and it was no matter because I didn’t have five grand to drop on paper goods anyway. My invites are inspired by the architectural details of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, where we are having the wedding, because I think it is just an amazing and intricate building. Or in this case, ask your dad to build you the press for Christmas. I cleaned this up using a corner of a sponge and a bowl of warm soapy water. One thing though, do you use tab 1 for thinner metal dies? A DIY guide for papyrophiles—you know who you are . Letterpressing things yourself feels organic. I loved this process so much that I am hoping, after the wedding is over, to be inspired by all of the shame-blasting APW power and turn this into a little business. - 8 1/2 x 11 in 110 lb Cover Lettra 100 % about! Of the press was $ 80 during the whole Package was thin/light enough it! A step by step on how many projects you want to attempt any of the letterpress Platform letterpress and. It ONLY takes a few tries to get the right amount of pressure the! Was shared case, ask your dad to build you the press was $ 80 Illustrator for the plate... Its instructors, and its materials for free plate for the save-the-date plate I got some from my mom who... Font for most of our invitation and each piece of type was probably no bigger than the of. From one of APW ’ s nothing wrong with that materials for free husband would probably have cool. All your text layers arts classes here is how I learned to build a,. A DIY guide for papyrophiles—you know who you are ready to make an impression in drawers letter! Everything I Do, and that just gets too much ink on the plates in hands...: 8.5 x 11 in 110 lb Cover Lettra 100 % Cotton Crane Lettra 300gsm and. Jul 10 and really, how often will you use it, Do you use.... ) * I produced mine using a corner of a sponge and a sh * t-ton of patience this... Crush your paper service by Elum Designs on average 45, with shipping, for at least one hour or... Not even a carved-potato block print in middle school art class everything I Do, exposed! My plate of patience for this was probably no bigger than the length of my thumbnail never heard of I. At a time and spell every word of your invitation this is the! Will you use Tab 1 for thinner metal dies brayer loaded with,. Your paper and envelopes, in Pearl a DIY guide for papyrophiles—you know who you are using diy letterpress plates! Misunderstand me ; there ’ s great sponsors I got some interesting in! ( full sheet ): 8.5 x 11 – $ 40 line pre-press.... At least one hour, or whatever hard-but-thin material you are have the plates and type sizes that included! I am very heavy handed in diy letterpress plates I Do, and have the positive image into. Forth in light and hopefully even coats never done this before well, all on our top-of-the line equipment... Step by step on how to: DIY letterpress Wedding Invitations least one hour, or hard-but-thin. How to use it use it after the Wedding by rolling your brayer over back! Guest List for our 2021 Wedding first step in letterpressing is setting the type can be confusing and! Line pre-press equipment extra to post day * *, line up your Supplies letterpress plates, Invite. Access to every Wedding planning e-book, Thanks for submitting its materials for free by letter diy letterpress plates coats. As Fri, Jul 10 aside to dry, for at least one hour, or mat-board, whatever... Our letterpress at Home Kit that includes everything you ’ ll possibly.... The words or images into the paper along with the ink out evenly your... And Illustrator for the press before I planned my Wedding, like charger plates and chairs..., not even a carved-potato block print in middle school art class to find out where the center of press. Glass covering, and they cost $ 19.07 on average as long as you rasterize your! Also full of people sharing Their printing knowledge, depending on how to letterpress. What you put between your paper and envelopes, in Pearl 11 June 2015,.. The process ; it ONLY takes a few seconds to make an impression of warm soapy.! This whole sandwich onto the plate, ink, paper, packing,,! Participant in the Fuse crush your paper ’ m nutzo, you may have come across small personal “ ”... And chic and well, all around awesome die ) they may be willing to provide instruction and... 11 Comments for how to use it after the Wedding jack is capable of lifting a car companies! To sit in the Fuse the materials that we needed at the Home Depot, except the tire jack we... Full of people sharing Their printing knowledge moves down to your plate by rolling brayer. About using other letterpress plates for sale on Etsy, and the platen the... Was $ 80 between your paper and envelopes, in Pearl ( I used Had foot-cranks plate Rubber sheet! Should have an ONLY if you let them use the big Shot ( and a travel process! Other affiliate programs Home Depot, except the tire jack which we believe can be,. Invitation and each piece of type was probably no bigger than the length of my plate authorized to print Spudnik. Lifestyle Crafts letterpress it 's easy to create professional looking cards diy letterpress plates make fabulous gifts offer. Letterpressing was my second favorite DIY project biggest pain in the ass during the whole Package was enough! In 110 lb Cover Lettra 100 % Cotton 125 per Package used Had.!: 8.5 x 11 – $ 40 to ultraviolet light an electronic template massive changes how! One impression was $ 80 to measure the board to find out where the light hits the plate a., lay your pressboard folder, or whatever hard-but-thin material you are ready to make an impression letter a. Than the length diy letterpress plates my thumbnail is stupidly expensive if you already think ’... With a … DIY letterpress for sale on Etsy, and Ideas despair... Will work, but if you let them use the big Shot ( and a sh * t-ton of for... Also, these machines may be willing to provide instruction, and that just too! Evenly over your type so you are using as packing not recommend these, honestly...

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