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But now, every hit sends the Baron for an electrifying visit to the dynamos below. Here, the Kongs would turn into Enguarde, fitting for an underwater battle. TO COMPLETE: Before 20 seconds expire, climb up to the Bonus Coin by jumping back and forth up the falling barrels. TO COMPLETE: As the Kongs, leap from Swoopy to Swoopy until you get to the Bonus Coin. In this game, Dixie Kong and her toddler cousin Kiddy Kong have to discover the location of missing vacationers, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Well done, brother! WARNING!!! : The Koindozers of this level are more aggressive that their green counterpart Koin, and as such, are able to charge toward you! As soon as you bag the "N", quickly create another web platform and leap to it before either the Buzz hits you or you get sniped by Kroc's fireball gun. TO COMPLETE: Skitter back and forth to get 15 Bananas without being hit by bombs. maybe??? Don't touch his blades while trying to get on top of his head! KABOOM!!! Grab the "K", then snatch up the TNT Barrel and jump as far right as you can to fall and blast open the way to Bonus Area 1. He appears at the end of K3 in the area Bleak's House. TO COMPLETE: Snare 80 Stars before time runs out! Meanwhile, the Kremling Krew returns under the leadership of the mysterious cyborg KAOS, who K. Rool (called Baron K. Roolenstein in this game) is secretly controlling. Whatever you do, DON'T jump for Bananas until the saw stops moving upward. Go too close, and Barbos will open up, spawning a new pair of Pink Lurchin shields. Due to her Helicopter Spins, great agility, and small size, Dixie is the best choice to earn this Bonus Coin. : In this level, the green gases slow down and extend your movements, making you jump higher, yet move slowly. BARNACLE'S ISLAND (no tune): Did you buy the Shell from Bazaar? SMUGGLER'S COVE: Once you swim under Lake Orangatanga's northern dock, feel along the beach there until you smash the entrance open. DK COIN: This takes split-second timing. DK COIN: After getting the Banana Bunch from the Booty Bird with the Steel Barrel, go get the metal missile again and go past the Goal Flag to find Koin. "N": At the long line of Bananas leading to the fourth and last DK Barrel, drop down as you start collecting Bananas to retrieve the letter. If you're in the water when the attack bolt hits -- OUCH!!! It was developed by Rareware and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. WARNING!!! 14.Go northwest to … I don't hate that one as much as most people but it is difficult. "G": Don't fall! TO COMPLETE: Load up into the Normal Barrel Cannon and time your launch so you land on a flying Normal Barrel to the right, then bounce right from Barrel to Barrel until you get to the Bonus Coin beyond the Bazuka firing the Barrels. Defended again, she fires a blue homing missile shell that tracks your movements until it starts flashing yellow. BONUS AREA 2: After a trio of back-and-forth-moving Green Buzzes, Helicopter Spin to the right to discover the second Bonus Barrel that's easy to miss. Now throw Dixie up into the Arrow Barrel. BONUS AREA 1: Aside from the dangerous alternate route shown in DK Coin, you could also Team Throw with Kiddy hurling Dixie or spin a platform web to the Bonus Barrel just short of the "No Squitter" Sign. Months after the events of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, the Kongs were back at DK Island, still celebrating their victory over the K. Rool and the Kremlings. The point is, don't get the other three "K-O-N-G" Letters (though they're easily seen) in this level because of the missing letter "G" glitch. Best done with a Helicopter Spin as you plummet. Once the electricity pulses (and the Baron gets out of the way), pull the handle and grab your Barrel before you get zapped. TO COMPLETE: Zap the Kuff 'n' Klout with one or two of Squitter's attack webs before collecting 40 Stars here. "G" is for "glitched"! To find a regenerating Steel Barrel (in case of failure), jump up the shaft to the left, avoiding the Green Buzzes, then jump over the Buzzes to find the Barrel (which is the same one you find taking the aforementioned right-hand path from the first "No Squawks" Sign). TO COMPLETE: Bounce from Bazuka's Steel Barrels to exterminate the Knik-Knaks for a Bonus Coin at the top of the chamber. When you ride his newly-fixed chairlift to the other side, run left to find "Clifftop Cache". DK COIN: At the very end, take out Koin without falling into the pit. K'S KACHE: On the obvious island of the lake atop Cotton-Top Cove. Mess up, and you'll have to start the whole stage over to try again! "G": Right at the end, but lure the final Klasp away before dropping down twice. It would be later released on the Game Boy Advance in 2005 and later on the Wii's Virtual Console in 2008. Follow the arrow of Bananas and get as close as safety permits to the two Red Buzzes under the Bonus Barrel. When Kuff 'n' Klout hop away, fire up and left. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kongoften slung up a hammock, played some music, and drank banana milkshakes while soaking up the sun. Instead, scurry around on its edge to nab Bananas faster. Baron K. Roolenstein: WHAT IN THE WORLD??!?!? Stand on Koin's shield, then throw the Steel Barrel at the right wall without jumping. Just use caution in grabbing the DK Coins, as you could get shot in the process. TO COMPLETE: With the help of three Koindozers, grab 30 Stars -- even the ones masked by the leaves above! Watch your footing! TO COMPLETE: Use Parry to grab 15 Bananas without smashing him into the Red Buzz. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. TO COMPLETE: Bonk every Green Buzz with Green Squawks's eggs as you navigate the passage to the Bonus Coin, which appears when every last Buzz is destroyed. Bleak first appears in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! If you give Bramble the Flower, he'll hand over another Banana Bird! DK COIN: Once again, you need Bazuka's help to take down Koin by switching his Barrels to Steel Barrels. TO COMPLETE: Have Enguarde grab 90 Stars in the darkness in under 30 seconds with Super Dashes back and forth across the chamber. Barrel. Snatch it up and traverse to the right to locate Koin. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, known in Japanese as Super Donkey Kong 3: Nazo no Kremis Tō, is the third installment of the Donkey Kong Country series and the third and final game in the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy, overall. "G": Get the lightning's warning bolt to appear elsewhere before vaulting left over the double Red Buzzes guarding this final letter. Carry this Bowling Ball to Bazooka in "Bazooka's Barracks", and he'll use his cannon, Big Bessie, to fire you up to "Sky-High Secret". TO COMPLETE: Make use of the Konveyor Rope to grab 30 Stars, some of which are disguised by the leafy foreground. "O": On the first rope, hidden by the leaves above its center. KONG CAVE: When you get the Hovercraft, go left until you see four rocks blocking a nearby shoreline. BONUS AREA 1: Shortly before the first Re-koil is a narrow upper shaft. TO COMPLETE: Snatch up all 15 Bananas without getting zapped! Don't drop down twice into the gap! BONUS AREA 2: At the first pair of swirling Buzzes after a pair of Knockas, look for a single Banana hidden in the leaves above you. After you grab the "G", immediately jump to avoid certain disaster in the next pit. WARNING!!! Three hits will force him to remove his helmet and attack faster. "G": Once you've gotten past the last two Red Buzz-guarded Boo Barrels, plunge down the Banana-marked shaft ahead of you and scarmper right to find the "G" as well as a hidden Bear Coin. Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. DK COIN: This works best with Squitter. BONUS AREA 1: Take Squitter back to where you found the TNT Barrel and make web platforms up to a line of flying TNT Barrels. SNES - Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! Wait for the Red Koco to swim far enough to the right, then sneak between the spiny creatures and enter the Bonus Barrel! BELCHA'S BURROW: Take the Gyrocopter south of "Bazaar's General Store" and probe the bulging green hill until you penetrate the cavern. When set down, a Steel Barrel can absorb the electricity, shielding you from getting electrocuted (stay in the Barrel's location to anticipate the attack, then move away from it when you see the charge). TO COMPLETE: Jump from Ellie in the water to snare all 20 Stars in 20 seconds. If you trick the Klasps by moving in the opposite direction from where you're going to jump, you'll achieve success. "N": Can you see it? BONUS AREA 2: Aaaaagh, this is the mother of all difficult Bonus Areas to get to in the game without sacrificing a partner! Before sending me any emails, control yourselves when you send them. Take out the many Re-koils ahead and climb the platforms to the letter. When he gives you the code, jump into the waters of Kaos Kore and execute a figure-eight swimming pattern around the two rocks to pry open the grate covering the entrance to "Sewer Stockpile". TO COMPLETE: Take the 50-Star trail to the Bonus Coin without missing a single one. After leaving Bonus Area 2, fly to the No Animal Sign to turn Squawks into a Steel Barrel. Now confront Brash in "Brash's Cabin" to open up the way leading to "Arich's Hoard". (Dixie has to jump as she throws.). When his engine cools its jets, run under KAOS, get a new Barrel, and whack his head with it. This way, you can become Enguarde even if you lose the Bonus Area. The first two hits will send him spinning out of control for a short time, so be sure to evade him as he bounces around crazily. "N": Take the upper right road after three Klasps. WARNING!!! Drop the Steel Barrel to Koin's left, then fly right over him to distract him so the ricocheting Steel Barrel hits him. ; You must collect all Bonus Coins, Banana Birds, and DK Coins. "O": From solid ground, load yourself into a Boo Barrel pointing in five different directions when it appears to point upward, then launch up and left. With her Helicopter Spin, Dixie is best at getting around on the handles, but Kiddy is best at nailing K. Roolenstein in the back with a Barrel. Looks like you're gonna be dueling your old nemesis, just like old times. Swim between the spikes to avoid getting hurt, just like King Zing's stinger salvoes in the previous game. Use it to wipe out the two Green Buzzes blocking the exit, then pick it up when it regenerates and take it to Koin. Avoiding his jets, run under him when his engines stop venting flames, pick up the Barrel on the other side of the room, and smash KAOS's head with it (up as you throw). DK COIN: Just before the Goal Flag, grab the Steel Barrel, throw it to the right, then leap onto the Konveyor Rope above Koin as the Barrel bowls him over. "G": See "N" (ha ha). When she stops firing, poke her in the face three times total to finish her off. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble for Super NES.If you've discovered a … Take the two Auto-Fire Barrels again to revert the TNT Barrels to Steel Barrels and scamper to the right. "O": You'll fall right through it after exiting Bonus Area 1. "K": Lure Koindozer to the right along a line of Bananas before you dive for the letter. "G": Shortly before the Auto-Fire Barrel at the end of the sprint. "N": You'll grab it after coming out of Bonus Area 2. One morning, Dixie found that Diddy was not in his room. Poke the spiky baddies so they rebound off the walls and take down her shields. Now, he chases you around until you jump on top of his inactive dynamos and smack his propellor with two Steel Barrels. "O": On the roof of the first of two cabins. You get buzzer barrage, kong fused cliffs, and floodlit fish all in a row Razor Ridge; KAOS Core; The Lost World (hidden) DKC3 has a short learning curve as its controls and play mechanics will be familar to anyone who's played through the previous games in the series. To start with, purchase the Shell and the Mirror from "Bazaar's General Store". One thing I love about DKC3 is you can choose to either do Cotton-Top Cove or Mekanos first. "N": At the first intersection after the Continue Barrel, sneak underneath the Kuff 'n' Klout on the left route and spring into the Auto-Fire Barrel. Enter the cave. TO COMPLETE: With cleverly-placed downward-angled platform webs, sneak over to the Bonus Coin without getting caught in any of the three Boo Barrels! TO COMPLETE: Make your way to the top of the trees to the Bonus Coin before you get cut down by the rapidly rising ripsaw! Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Once you pass Razor Ridge, go to the bear near Cotton Top Cove and Mekanos. TO COMPLETE: Be careful zooming around on two opposite-cranking Konveyor Ropes to get 15 Bananas. "O": Stab the first Red Koco, swim left, and then down. If white lines shoot through the black part of his crosshairs, Kroc is locking on to a target. BONUS AREA 2: Once past the "No Squawks" Sign, carefully hop onto the last Kopter's helmet and ride him to the Bonus Barrel up top in a tall, narrow shaft. "O": Be quick! To get to Razor Ridge, the player must first beat K3. In Phase Two, the Baron charges up his electricity trap on the floor, giving you enough time to grab a ceiling handle before you get shocked. "O": Beyond a swarm of five Red Buzzes is the first swirling Green Buzz right in front of and below you. Rules; Member List; Help BONUS AREA 3: Following the twin harmless Swoopys is a chain of harmful Swoopys swooping in from the left. Fail, and you'll have to play the whole dreadful level with Parry still with you to get back in here! TO COMPLETE: Using the same method used to get the "K", blast from one side of the rope to the other via the Arrow Barrels, which are meant to keep you from hitting Green Buzzes. CLIFFTOP CACHE: Once you've given Bjorn Bear the Wrench, he'll repair his broken chairlifts. For more information on how to join a weekly race visit the Community section of the wiki! Thank you for becoming a member. : The purple fluid in this level will reverse the Left and Right functions on your controller! A carefully placed upward throw will knock Koin from his perch. Bleak: Throw six snowballs at this abominable snowman to break him apart. "G": How good is your jumping on the lower road? In Donkey Kong Country 3 she appeared in the stage Barbos's Barrier at the end of Razor Ridge. Without getting stuck in any Boo Barrels, climb up and left to the Bonus Barrel and skitter into it. Create platform webs upward to the final Bonus Barrel. TO COMPLETE: In less than 25 seconds, you must obtain 30 Stars without hitting Klasp. Remember to use the Switch Barrel to revert back to Steel Barrels once you're finished with Koin. "K": Blast up and left from the first Arrow Barrel to nab it. TO COMPLETE: Crush every Knik-Knak without fail, or you will not get the chance to retry until you sacrifice one of your lives or come back after beating the level! Blast the Re-koils and Green Buzzes for the Bonus Coin by shooting them as they approach your crosshairs. Get rid of them before diving down to the Bonus Barrel. You'll get the "G" after coming out of this Bonus Area. This surprised her as it was unusual for Didd… Watch out: the Baron turns on a conveyor belt underneath you to make dodging his weapons difficult and to throw off the accuracy of your Barrel-throwing. Start from the fifth platform and Roll Jump your way past two more Karbines and into the Bonus Barrel they guard. Barrels as you transform the saw into a rocking elevator as you grab 15 Green Bananas. Harder than it looks, eh? BOUNTY BAY: From "Blue's Beach Hut" in Cotton-Top Cove, swim in a straight line until the entrance blows open. Kiddy has to use a very tricky Roll Jump before a Steel Barrel can slam him just as he's about to sail over a Red Buzz. TO COMPLETE: Get the first group of Stars and prepare to drop onto each of the Green Buzzes for the Stars they hoard, then use your momentum from each jump to return to the upper part of the pipe and follow the remaining Stars to the end of the pipeline. Use the Arrow Barrel to return to climbing stance. There is now a platform and a pull handle on either side of the room, and the Baron is pacing back and forth in midair. "O": Time your jump just right or you'll get spiked! TO COMPLETE: Careful maneuvering around the Red Buzzes with Squawks the Parrot is your ticket to success as you gulp down 15 Green Bananas. "N": Jump along the Banana line to bag this and land in an invisible Arrow Barrel that returns you to your burning rope. Can you use platform webs to sneak over the Bazuka and fall down the Banana-lined shaft to the first Bonus Area? Phase Two starts with Barbos dropping down to a lower chamber. This will take practice... TO COMPLETE: To escape the two Kuff 'n' Klouts, use the upper nooks to jump over them as they charge at you from either direction. BONUS AREA 2: Take out the duo of Bristles past the fourth and final DK Barrel first. DK COIN: Easy to find if you know this little trick I'm going to disclose to you. And to vgfacts.com for explanation of "Rocket Rush"'s missing letter "G". Pacifica download. BONUS AREA 1: Jump and throw your buddy straight up to the second Bonus Barrel (NOT the first) at the start (Kiddy doesn't need to jump). WARNING!!! Now spring to the top of their alcove for the "G". When it's flashing, have Enguarde deceive the projectile into pointing at her shields. To keep the lightning from hitting you when you have no Barrel (or Dixie to hold it), backtrack until you see the warning bolt, then go forward before the attack bolt can strike you -- the lightning's warning bolt sometimes appears in your last known location! One missile to each shield will render her exposed. Due to the fissure, the only way to travel between areas is through the use of a chairlift. Did you get the Mirror yet? BONUS AREA 1: All the way on the right side of the first upper passage is a Red Buzz flying slowly back and forth above a Green Buzz. "K-O-N-G" LETTERS: According to vgfacts.com, the letter "G" does not appear in many US versions of the game due to a programming error, but does exist in the other versions (though I can't say precisely where the letter is in those versions, since I only have the US version). "G": Above a sliding Skidda. This is a difficult Bonus Area, after all. KAOS: And so, here comes the final boss already! BONUS AREA 2: Above three Barrel platforms. as the fifth boss of the game. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. SEWER STOCKPILE: You can't get this without Baffle, so find the Mirror and give it to him for his cryptic solution. Dixie does very well here thanks to her Helicopter Spin... Barbos: As Enguarde the Swordfish, you must face the huge, spiky Lurchin queen named Barbos. Use Up to throw farther and Down to position yourself up close and personal. HILL-TOP HOARD: Since this is in the map's northeastern corner (directly above Razor Ridge), only the Gyrocopter can get you there. Yikes... TO COMPLETE: Bag 15 Bananas while dodging Bazuka's TNT Barrel attack. The only underwater boss in SNES DKC history, she is very complex and difficult, her only weak spot being her face, protected by two Pink Lurchins, which never open. Be careful in getting past the enemies. Each hit increases her spiky showers by one, and she starts firing back sooner, on top of all that! Don't wait too long for a Banana to appear in an easily-accessible spot below or between the Buzzes, or you'll run a greater risk of running down the 45-second timer too much, if not completely. 11.On the first waterfall, go to the top. Koin will be blasted away by Steel Barrels! BONUS AREA 1: Past the letter "O" is a Normal Barrel used to smash the upcoming Green Buzz blocking the doorway leading to the first Bonus Area. Meanwhile, the Kremling Krew returns under the leadership of the mysterious cyborg KAOS, who K. Rool (called Baron K. Roolenstein in this game) is secretly controlling. Spin platform webs as the Boo Barrels appear (or recently vanish), but wait to jump to those webs until the spooky Barrel Cannons disappear again. SQUAWKS (PURPLE) BARREL: Can't miss it... DK COIN: When you see Koin, fly upwards, between two Kopters, to reach a Steel Barrel. Now fool him into going in the opposite direction from where you're going to drop down three times and reach the Goal Flag. "N": You'll go right through it upon exiting the last Bonus Area. BONUS AREA 1: Use the Boo Barrel below and between the second pair of Red Buzzes to reach an Auto-Fire Barrel which launches you to the right through a curved line of Bananas. Dixie often joined alongside them. Be careful getting the DK Coin so you won't be next on Bazuka's target list! "G": Below the letter "G" is an invisible Auto-Fire Barrel. DK COIN: From the elevator after the letter "N", jump left onto the main road, then jump right to reach Koin. Platform web your way to the right of Koin. Razor Ridge is a world of the Northern Kremisphere in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. Some audio-related error messages are present in the ROM. Lastly, for Nintendo, for their great efforts to make this splendid video game, which include their Nintendo Power Player's Guide for DKC3, with which I conquered the whole game 103%! TO COMPLETE: Spring from one Koindozer to the other to snag 15 Bananas, preferably with Dixie and her legendary Helicopter Spin. "G": You'll find it after leaving Bonus Area 2. At the third Green Buzz, fly straight up to find an upper circuit of Swoopys flying in from the left. BARRELS, ITEMS, AND HAZARDS IN THE GAME. How good are you with flying around as Squawks? "G": From where you stand to the left of the Red Buzz, make web platforms in a straight line over him, then walk (or jump) across them when Kopter is descending from the right side of the Buzz. Another method would be to pick up the Steel Barrel and take it all the way to the right of Koin, then jump and throw the keg so that it bounces off the upper right ledge. 130.8M . "O": Easily grabbed with Squawks... "N": In the water with Ellie, swim left and jump up to the "N", leaping off of Ellie for the assist needed to reach Bonus Barrel 1. You won't lose a life when you fall, just time! TO COMPLETE: Bounce from Lemguin to Lemguin until you touch the Bonus Coin. A remake of the game was released for the Game Boy Advance in 2005 with new features, most noticeably six new stages and an all-new soundtrack, which was often criticized by fans of the original SNES version. With both dynamos activated, the lower voltage trap shoots a small electric charge from one side of the room to the other (it's an unpredictable pattern). : Don't slide on the snowy ground, or life will get more miserable for you -- especially with Lemguins coming at you! Wonderful work on both the game and its strategy guide! Throwing either Kong at it will work. To get the Barrels, pull the handles on the ceiling with great timing (the shorter handles always trigger the Barrels to appear). "N": Toss a projectile at the level's only Booty Bird for the "N". The game stars Dixie Kong and her little cousin Kiddy Kong as they travel through numerous lands in order to rescue Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong from the Kremling Krew and their new leader, KAOS. As soon as the keg hits this ledge, quickly but carefully jump up onto Koin's shield as the Steel Barrel rolls into him. : Slippery snow will be your undoing when not riding the sled. The Buzz who comes toward you as you approach will be safely on the other side by the time you touch the Banana. All the glory to Jesus Christ, God's only Son, for bestowing upon me the ability, inspiration, and opportunity to write this walkthrough! If you have two Kongs, you could collide with a Swoopy before he gets through the doorway and then use your temporary invincibility to zoom into the lone Banana amidst two rapidly-swirling Red Buzzes. "G": Shortly before the "No Parry" Sign. BONUS AREA 2: Slip past the pair of Red Kocos between two Lurchins and keep going left, dodging five more Lurchins, until you end up in the Bonus Barrel. Turn to the left and Roll Jump or Spin Jump to the ground on the left side of the shaft you just exited and pitch your partner into the Bonus Barrel. Run out of time, and you'll have to try again after replaying the level from its start or touching the saw until you lose both monkeys and pick up from the Star Barrel. After three blade rotations, KAOS will resume his signature attack (which consists of him trying to burn you with his jet engines), getting faster with each hit and increasing the burn time on his jets as well. Announcements. DK COIN: You need the Steel Barrel from Ellie. If you ignore this warning, I'll ignore your messages (until you reword them with pure content instead). K. BOUNTY BEACH: This first cave is east of Funky's Rentals, and you can get to it by any of his vehicles. Get him! 10. Phase Three moves the platform to the left, and sends a new, moving platform to aid you in getting to the single handle which spawns the Barrel on the left-hand platform.

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