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Build powerful back-end with no effort. when the schema changes. The only thing I deleted the config folder and took from a new project. Install Strapi on your machine or launch an instance with a One-Click deploy button We’re introducing a public beta version of Strapi Enterprise Edition (EE) along with paid plans including enterprise differentiating features and support… Open source Node.js Headless CMS to easily build customisable APIs - strapi/strapi I think if we would replace syncIndexes to ensureIndexes then it could solve this problem. By Maxime Castres in Guides & Tutorials • August 11, 2020 But managing content that will have only one instance in your project is also highly requested by Strapi users - for example, your menu, a static page, or a footer. The following articles provide additional information to the steps below: GitHub Creating Webhooks Guide (opens new window) and DigitalOcean Guide to GitHub WebHooks (opens new window) . strapi@3.0.0-beta.15 has 9 known vulnerabilities found in 12 vulnerable paths. Would you consider having the possibility to customize the model during the creation process a solution for your issue ? Strapi is a free and open-source headless CMS delivering your content anywhere you need. Learn more about strapi@3.0.0-beta.19.5 vulnerabilities. Being able to manage Single Types is essential and this is why we are delighted to announce today the release of Strapi beta… to master Self-hosted. On the next screen, add your API_URL, which is the URL of your Strapi instance running on Heroku (e.g. In this video we'll cover: What's Strapi? You can follow the migration guide here New feature Display relational fields in the list view @soupette @HichamELBSI @Convly @petersg83 @alexandrebodin Enhancement [core:cli] Improved create-strapi-app's templates @remidej[core:cli] Allow JSON stringify to pretty print the config dump via config @piersroberts[documentation] [Unit testing doc] add runtime fix @Antoine-lb Remove auto-sync indexes for mongodb from production envs. [plugin:content-manager] Fixed removeKeyInObject.js which has been breaking moment objects (, [plugin:content-manager] Fix CM limited to show only 100 entries (, [core:database] Add session option to Strapi query for Mongo Multi-Document transaction (, [core:framework] Configurable default _limit parameter (, [core:framework] feat(middleware-cors): allow setting cors origin with a method (, [core:framework] Consolidate lodash dependency to 4.17.20 (, [documentation] Update README to include a section for the live demo (, [documentation] Adding documentation for M1 users (, [core:database] Fix query when filtering and sorting on a relational field (, [core:database] Fix deep query sort when using pagination operators (start, limit) & MongoDB (, [core:database] Fix count method w/ D&P filters on MongoDB (, [core:framework] Check that model and model.privateAttributes is not undefined (, [core:framework] Fix typo in load-plugins file pattern preventing the app to start (, [plugin:documentation] merge arrays in createDocObject and changed object equality function (, [plugin:graphql] Refactor graphql association resolvers (, [admin] Translation update en.json is->are (, [plugin:content-manager] Add missing German translations (, [core:framework] cwray-tech/update plugin descriptions (, [documentation] strapi-provider-email-mailgun: updates documentation (, [plugin:content-manager] Add telemetry on the relational field feature (, [core:tooling] Fix test migration draft & publish (, [plugin:content-manager] Fix inputs display (, [plugin:content-manager] Fix wysiwyg lifecycle (, [plugin-content-manager] Fix listview bug (, Display relational fields in the list view (, [core:cli] Improved create-strapi-app's templates (, [core:cli] Allow JSON stringify to pretty print the config dump via config (, [documentation] [Unit testing doc] add runtime fix (, [documentation] Change validateEntity to validateEntityCreation (, [documentation] Replace John Doe with Kai Doe (, [documentation] Docs fix type singleType findOne (, [plugin:graphql] Add ability to disable aggregation on GraphQL (, [plugin:users-permissions] adjust condition for subdomain when it is an empty string (, [plugin:users-permissions] Small changes to 'cognito' case! Describe the bug After upgrading to 3.0.0-beta.19.4, strapi-connector-mongoose started to remove manually created indexes at launch point. This commit was created on and signed with a, strapi-connector-mongoose 3.0.0-beta.19.4 removes all manually created indexes. Follow their code on GitHub. For example, adding "indexes" array next to "attributes" in schema.settings.json. Unfortunately it is not available yet in Strapi even if … You can easily create, update, delete or read any entry in your database. strapi@3.0.0-beta.18.4 has 5 known vulnerabilities found in 8 vulnerable paths. Learn more about strapi@3.0.0-beta.15 vulnerabilities. In a Headless CMS, this is typically called a Webhook feature. You signed in with another tab or window. We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. it is necessary to rebuild it when the content is updated in Strapi. Latest - 3.x.x Documentation Documentation. #Setup a third party client. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. In our example we will use the GitHub Node.JS client OctoKit REST.js (opens new window).. It only takes a few minutes to make Strapi your data source for your Gatsby application. If you’re running Strapi 3.0.0@alpha.26, upgrading to beta can be done with a migration guide to help you through it. Would that work for you until we design a better approach to this ? Sign in The Strapi documentation is also open-source and can be found at the strapi/documentation (opens new window) GitHub repository. Upgrade to Strapi 3.0.0@beta. 551 commits How to build a quick model? "type": "string", There is multipart / santization boilerplate added and something has changed. but can't really find a way to create a compound index without hacking (currently I'm delaying the execution of the manual index creation). privacy statement. Have a question about this project? The main problem - there is no entry point between mongoose schema and model creating to interact with a schema in order to add my own custom indexes. Learn more about strapi@3.0.0-beta.1 vulnerabilities. Already on GitHub? This would go along not applying changes to the content. Or if you prefer to just jump in, it takes 30 seconds to launch a Strapi … "title": { You can host and scale Strapi projects the way you want. If only strapi did not have an allergy to macOs :) since this release. (, [admin] [admin, translations] Translate documentation plugin and add German translations to index of upload plugin (, [plugin:upload] Add some admin french translations (, [core:database] Fix migration when disabling dp on sqlite (, [core:database] Add support for columnType in Mongoose (, [documentation] fix(docs): Remove unreachable code (, [documentation] Restaurant spelled right (, [plugin:content-manager] Added Categories selector for dynamic zone (, [core:cli] Update gitignore in example and in generate-new (, [plugin:content-manager] Fixed click event on non-repeatable empty component (, [plugin:upload] Sanitize /upload/search/:q route (, [core:framework] Fix write access error of the update-notifier (, [plugin:upload] Allow deleting file that is already deleted in Cloudinary (, [core:database] Fix polymorphic eager fetch (, [core:framework] Add clearer error messages on relation building (, [core:framework] Added timezone for cron jobs (, [documentation] typo fix in the redirect url (, [plugin:email] Maintain strapi-provider-email-nodemailer (, [admin] New page "application" in settings (, [core:framework] Update notification in terminal when a new version of strapi is out (, [core:database] fix altercolumns db migration (, [core:framework] Fix project generation with wrong node engine spec (, [core:framework] Fix query when populating morph relations (, [plugin:graphql] Upgrade graphql-tools package to use GraphQL v15 (, [core:framework] Add permission to CTB routes (, [plugin:content-manager] Fix XSS security with the wysiwyg preview (, [plugin:upload] Remove usage of unsecure proxy for now (, [core:database] Fix deepFiltering with draft & publish (, [admin] add didUpdateRolePermissions event (, [documentation] Adapt because NodeJS 14 is supported now (. The new generated API is database-agnostic so if you switch from SQL to NoSQL, it won't change a thing for your API. I am using WSL2, Ubuntu 20, strapi is installed globally npm i -g strapi. Learn more about strapi@3.0.0-beta.8 vulnerabilities. I need a lot of compound indexes for query optimizations to use big data. Today is a big milestone for Strapi. Additional context Learn more about strapi@3.0.0-beta.18.4 vulnerabilities. Being a self-hosted headless CMS, you’ll need to install Strapi on your machine or even deploy a Strapi instance using different One-click deploy buttons available. This guide will explain how to setup a connection with a third party client and use it everywhere in your code. strapi beta github, The beta version comes with a Core API which is available everywhere in your project. GitHub (opens new window) Strapi Version Strapi Version. This guide could also be used to setup an Axios client instance. How to get up and running? Code snippets strapi@3.0.0-beta.16.7 has 10 known vulnerabilities found in 13 vulnerable paths. strapi@3.0.0-beta.9 has 17 known vulnerabilities found in 19 vulnerable paths. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. In this guide, you’ll learn how to deploy Strapi to Heroku & auto-deploy changes to your Netlify site. These security issues are only exploitable by a user with admin panel access and the right permissions. If you’re new to Strapi, check out the documentation for a step-by-step installation guide. Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. to your account. Follow their code on GitHub. Enter your Strapi instance URL in the API_URL field strapi@3.0.0-beta.8 has 19 known vulnerabilities found in 41 vulnerable paths. strapi@3.0.0-beta.1 has 25 known vulnerabilities found in 72 vulnerable paths. You signed in with another tab or window. If you are using a static website generator (or framework with build option) with Strapi (Gatsby, Nuxt, Next, etc.) Using ensureIndexes will not fix the problem with duplicate indexes which is why we made the change in the first place. I've realized I can create different single index types by using the syntax documented on mongoose at the SCHEMA.settings.json: In our case, this was worth the risk as we are working on a POC/MVP product. Strapi is still in a Beta release phase, so you may want to proceed with caution if you’re intending on using it in a production environment. Describe the bug After upgrading to 3.0.0-beta.19.4, strapi-connector-mongoose started to remove manually created indexes at launch point. strapi@3.0.0-beta.19.5 has 9 known vulnerabilities found in 39 vulnerable paths. All posts / strapi Deploy a Strapi and React Blog on Netlify Learn how to build a self-hosted, open-source blog. Strapi is the next-gen headless CMS, open-source, javascript, enabling content-rich experiences to be created, managed and exposed to any digital device. By clicking “Sign up for GitHub”, you agree to our terms of service and strapi has 49 repositories available. If applicable, add code samples to help explain your problem. Uploading images to strapi with react and axios. Do not understand how to integrate my order object and stripe charge. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: Hi @AHgPuK Can you explain what are the other indexes you need ? I did not observe such a problem during the migration of my project. Learn more about strapi@3.0.0-beta.9 vulnerabilities. Build powerful back-end with no effort. strapi has 40 repositories available. "index": "text" I have some code from the previous version of Strapi that works, and the beta version of controllers is much different. Before we can provide a clean way to create those indexes via Strapi, I would like to propose only running this sync in development mode so it doesn't clear your indexes in production. From my perspective, configuring indexes inside schema will be the best approach. Keep control over your data. There is a specific contribution guide (opens new window) for adding, updating, or removing content from the documentation that … Learn more about strapi@3.0.0-beta.16.7 vulnerabilities., without the trailing slash. Providing that your project is set-up on GitHub, you will need to configure your Strapi Project Repository with a webhook. With Strapi, you know where your data is stored, and you keep full control at all times. This simple alteration to the strapi-hook-bookshelf package adds support for model virtuals - bookshelf-virtual plugin support for strapi models Big shoutouts to Tomáš Melicher and Lukáš Václavík for finding these issues and helping us make Strapi better ! } Connect your Github account to Netlify.

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