trinity school catchment area

3. have a special reason for wishing to attend a specific primary school Did you find this information useful? Website. Trinity High School Catchment Area, Reviews and Key Information Secondary School Guide Rating. School details. The consultation period runs from 1 st December 2020 to 15 th January 2021. Catchment Area Information Available: No: Last Distance Offered Information Available: No: Highlights from Latest Inspection: Trinity is an academically selective school for boys (10-18) with a co-educational Sixth Form. Pupils. RENFREW. Headteacher: Beatriz Melero: Headteacher email: Telephone: ... Catchment areas all (pdf format, 2.73 MB) Admission policies 2019/2020 (pdf format, 440.52 KB) Glebe Street. 784 Ages. Living in the admission zone for a school doesn't guarantee your child a place at that school . The consultation process will run from 16th November 2020 to 12 noon on 5th January 2021. In line with the School Admissions Code, Cathedral Schools Trust (CST) is consulting on the admission arrangements for all schools within the Trust for the academic year 2022/23 including Trinity Academy. As required by the School Admissions Code, Newbury Academy Trust’s Board of Trustees are conducting a consultation on its admission arrangements for Trinity School, for the school year 2022/23. For some schools, the heat map may be a useful indicator of the catchment area but our heat maps are not the same as catchment area maps. Secondary school catchment maps Maps showing the catchment area of each secondary school. UNLOCK. Vicarage Road, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 1HJ . 11 - 18 Gender. Some addresses are now in The Downs and Kennet School's or The Downs and Trinity School's catchment areas. The Academy has been oversubscribed for the last two years. 62% 2. are living in the catchment area. Trinity Church of England Primary School. Catchment areas all (pdf format, 1.79 MB) Admission policies 2019/2020 (pdf format, 85.5 KB) Admission policies 2020/2021 (pdf format, 66.5 KB) Place allocations 2020/2021 (pdf format, 419 KB) Admission policies 2021/2022 (pdf format, 150.13 KB) The allocations for all non-fee paying primary schools are undertaken by the Education Department following set criteria, priority is given in the order detailed below, to pupils who:-1. have siblings in the school. Compare To Nearby Schools. Mixed Type. The School's mission is 'The rigorous pursuit of excellence balanced by compassionate concern for individuals'. PA4 8TP. Catchment Area Information Available: No: Last Distance Offered Information Available: No: Highlights from Latest Inspection: Information about this school Trinity School is a special school which provides for pupils who have a statement of special educational need or an education, health and care plan for social, emotional and mental health needs. Get Advice. In September 2019 The Downs school catchment area increased in size and now overlaps part of Kennet and Trinity School's Catchment areas. Trinity Academy is a popular secondary school and the destination of choice for many students both inside and outside of the catchment area. State 69% NATIONAL AVG. 0300 300 1444 Renfrewshire. All schools in Middlesbrough, with the exception of Trinity Catholic College and Outwood Academy Riverside, use admissions zones (or catchment areas) as part of their oversubscription criteria. Welcome to Trinity Academy admissions pages Consultation on Admission Arrangements 2022/23. Catchment area maps, published by the school or local authority, are based on geographical admissions criteria and show actual cut-off distances and pre-defined catchment areas for a single admission year.

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